Before you start anything, keep the printout of this paper handy.

To activate Marathi/Hindi in Microsoft Windows-XP is really simple. You can activate it on pre-installed XP (SP2 Only Home/Professional) or during the Installation process.If you have already installing Win-XP SP2, follow the steps –

    1. Open your control panel and double click Regional and Language settings. Select India as your Location and then Apply.
    1. Keep your Windows-XP Installation CD inside CD-ROM Drive. In Languages Tab, Check both the checkmarks that says “Install support for….” This will automatically install all the necessary files and fonts required for Devnagri Support.
    1. Please wait while it finishes copy process.
    2. Now, in the Same Tab, Click “Details” to add the Hindi keyboard and language files.
    1. In the dialogue box that appears, Select “Hindi” as language to add and it will automatically select 2 keyboard types “Devnagari INSCRIPT” and “Hindi Traditional”.
    1. Thats enough…. Hindi is now added to your Windows-XP Language bar.
  1. You can activate language bar by Right Clicking the taskbar & choosing “Language Bar” Now orkut itself offers “devnagari/Hindi” option in its scrapbook and its really simple.The other windows users have this handy option, if don’t want to mess the installation clutter.
  2. This language is known as UNICODE language wherein you can simultaneously type in Marathi and English without changing the Font. The name of the font is “Mangal.ttf” which is pre-installed.
Disclaimer: Only Microsoft Windows XP -SP2 users can activate this support. It would work in most Microsoft software including Word, Excel, Powerpoint or any other application supporting UNICODE.
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